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Welcome to Running Mates 4 Life. My name is Jimmy K and the gorgeous lady above is my wife Amanda. Our friends refer to us as Jimanda. I guess we could be called a lot worse so we’ll take that nickname. We love to run so much that we decided to start this blog. Yes we know there’s plenty of running blogs out there. As a husband and wife sharing the same passion we believe we bring an interesting perspective to the blog world. It’s going to be a blast sharing our experiences with you. You will quickly find that it’s not just each other but the amazing people who we have met along the way that make this journey so wonderful. We refer to them as our Running Mates. Running, fitness, food, nutrition, expert advice, and most of all, having fun are just some of the topics that will be showcased on this site.

We’re also building a national directory for run groups. If you run with a group and have fun runs open to the public please visit our Run Group Directory page and submit your listing.

We met in 2007 and tied the knot in 2009. I have 2 grown children to whom Amanda is a most awesome step mom. We also have a cat named Jack (after the whiskey of course). We both have full time careers that we’ve been at for a long time. We enjoy traveling and plan to do more destination half and full marathons in the future. Amanda is a Cubs fan while I grew up with the White Sox which makes for interesting summers. As big fans of the Chicago Blackhawks, hockey season is our favorite time of the year.

We did not always love to run. Amanda was bit by the running bug in 2008 when she decided she wanted to lose weight for our wedding. I wasn’t as quick to jump on the bandwagon but by 2012 we were pounding the pavement and signing up for races regularly.

A lot has transpired from 2008 until today. We have gone through a wonderful transformation over that time which has helped us become better overall individuals as well as runners. We are fit as ever, eating much healthier, and running PRs in almost every event these days. We’re having a ton of fun doing it too! Our goal is to share stories that will have a positive impact on you.

Who knows, maybe we can help you “find your passion on the pavement”!



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