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RUNNING NASHVILLE Part 1- The Brentwood Breakfast Club

By Amanda

Umm…wait a minute lover…Is it my birthday or yours? That was my first thought when Jimmy suggested we kick off our Nashville trip with a 6:00 am run on my birthday with a random run group called the Brentwood Breakfast Club. That’s all he had to see was “Breakfast” in the name before he started drooling. I’m surprised he doesn’t have “will run for bacon” tattooed on his forehead. So how was this “my” birthday treat?…and yes I do call him lover.

Seriously, I love the idea of finding random groups during our travels to run with and then be able to share the experience on our site. I also love Music City as this was our fifth trip there since 2011. Between the famous honky tonks, live music, delicious food, local wineries, and great people watching, these trips never get old. We always managed to get some runs in by ourselves either at the hotel gym or on the nearby streets mainly to justify the overindulging we do at night. I was totally sold on such a fun way to start my birthday.

Jimmy found the Brentwood Breakfast Club on Facebook.  Their page states they meet every Thursday morning at 6am for a 4-6 mile run then go for breakfast after. They looked like a fun group so he sent them a message asking if they would let us join them for their Feb 11th run. The group coordinator Jennifer Chaffin quickly responded saying we were absolutely welcome.

On birthday morning we woke up at 5 am, got dressed then made the short 10-mile drive from the hotel to First Watch café, our meeting spot just off the highway in Brentwood. It was still dark at that time but when we saw 20 or so people standing around the parking lot wearing headlamps and reflective gear, we knew we were in the right place. Never having done this before it had a first day in a new school feel to it.

We were warmly greeted immediately by Jennifer’s husband Jason. Then others began introducing themselves making us feel very comfortable.  Finally, we met Jennifer who during announcements excitedly introduced us as their special guests from Chicago. Before long we were in the middle of a stampede of runners lighting up the neighborhood streets of the beautiful town of Brentwood, TN.

Jimmy and I decided to separate in an effort to meet more people. The six-mile run through some beautiful neighborhoods seemed like it was over just as quickly as it started. That’s how engaged in conversation we were.

Our pre-run photo with the BBC
Our pre-run photo with the BBC
Lighting up the Streets of Brentwood!
Lighting up the Streets of Brentwood!

We learned the Brentwood Breakfast Club(BBC) formed in 2015 when a group of about 5 runners who met regularly at Starbucks for weekly runs began inviting others. As the group grew they decided to expand beyond coffee and start having breakfast after the runs. Now, every Thursday before the crack of dawn 20-30 people gather for these BBC 4 to 6-mile fun runs that rotate between different Williamson County locations week after week.

Almost all who show up also participate in other run groups. Many are also training for different events. Jennifer runs for Fleet Feet Racing and is currently training for the R2R2R in May (That would be a 50 mile run in the Grand Canyon). Her training plan peaks (no pun intended) at 80-90 miles per week…wow! Others are training for the Rock N Roll Nashville Half or Full on April 30th. Some even signed up to run down Broadway St in their underwear that Saturday in the Cupid Undie Run as part of Valentine’s Day weekend. Unfortunately, we missed that run.

Jennifer Chaffin- BBC Coordinator
Jennifer Chaffin- BBC Coordinator

When we asked Jennifer what she loves most about the BBC she said, “This group is made up of the sweetest, most supportive people and I’m blessed to call them friends.” In just a 50+ minute run with the group it became very obvious why Jennifer feels the way she does about them. Several had a similar response when asked why they like running with BBC. When speaking to the uniqueness of the BBC Jennifer stated, “I think it’s cool that the BBC spans so many different ages and careers. If it weren’t for this group, I might not have these friends. Oh, and BREAKFAST! There aren’t a lot of morning run groups and I love having coffee and breakfast with everyone!!!”

We met the Insurance agent, running store owner, healthcare worker, songwriter, retiree who runs 100 mile races, housewife, and so many others from all walks of life. Everyone is so warm, friendly and genuinely care about each other. They run and have fun together from costume parties to taking party buses to races.  Just like our group you can tell they are a tight-knit family.

Needless to say our first away from home vacation run with a random group was a huge success. What an extraordinary way to meet interesting people and develop new friendships. Jennifer, Jason, Steve, Roy, David, Russ, Jen S, Kristi, and the rest of our new friends at the Brentwood Breakfast Club, THANK YOU for letting us run with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my birthday. We can’t wait to come down and see you all again soon. By the way, breakfast at First Watch was amazing.

Great Post Run Grub
Great Post Run Grub-Jimmy got his bacon

If you’re in the Nashville area and looking for a great group to run with we highly recommend the Brentwood Breakfast Club. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here. Brentwood Breakfast Club


Stay tuned for part 2 of our Nashville adventure.


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